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Connecting God's People To God's Out Stretched Hand 

                                    THE SOUL OF THE BLACK BUTTERFLY    


The ability to "imagine" in MY Opinion is one of the most powerful gifts God the Creator could have given us. I mean, think about it, was it not imagination that enable God Himself to "Speak a word" and form the worlds. I think it is so powerful to be able to put words together and cause another to see what you see. Mmm, how awesome is that! See it from the other side of the book, we can pick up a book and by reading it, we can travel anywhere the pages of that book will take us. Now, what greater gift can we have, than the gift of writing and allowing the world to 'read' your imagination or even more powerful, reading your life in words.




                                                    AChristmas Story
                                                     APLAY Entitled 
                                                     "AHOLY NIGHT"

This play is not your typical “Church” Play. Nevertheless; the theme of our Play is taken from the walk of Christ and the Love of God for his People. Take note and be aware this Play is “out-of-the-box”. Our Play entitled A HOLY NIGHT, deals with real-issues we see every day in life. Though many choose to turn a deaf ear and pretend to have a blind eye, it doesn’t change that problems and unpleasant situations of life exit.

In our Play we will SEE and HEAR the ugly Spirits of human character. Spirits of strife, Envy, Lust, Sickness, doubts, Fear, Pride and Secrets which are all the nature of human flesh. These are spirits we ourselves face and deal with daily. Yet; in spite of human characteristics, we have been called by God and is expected to show God’s Character and not our own, yes; even in the midst of Life’s diverse situations.

Let us remember this; it Is because a Child was born One HOLY NIGHT that has given us the Ability/the POWER to overcome our own Ugly flesh and take on the Character of Christ Himself. In order to portray the Love and Grace needed for the ISSUES of life, we must put on Christ to conquer human nature.

I PRAY during this Play, you will See YOURSELF; be it good, bad or ugly, right, wrong or indifferent. Perhaps you will see the Angel with the hidden halo is really you. Rather you see yourself from your past or present; prayerfully you will SEE yourself and desire to exemplify God’s Light in your future for all to See.

For certain, we would have done a great disservice with ALL Our Words, Songs, Dance and Deeds IF we have not helped YOU to See GOD in life’s “everyday situations”. We hope to show you that God can and will change that which seems to be unchangeable in us, through us; yes, as well as around us. By the end of our Play, you will know Miracles REALLY Do happen Every Day, Not just On A HOLY NIGHT.

This play is taken place from today’s inner-city life and although these Grandparents exhibit the perfect love, their neighborhood has "gone to the dogs" or the devil himself; who happens to be represented by none-other than Snake, JOSEPH’S brother. Snake; raised up in the church, by the same parents as Joseph has taken the turn as a prodigal son, who has not yet come home and therefore preys on the weakness of women. He is the Pimp and the drug supplier of the neighborhood. Joseph while a devoted servant of God, strives to bring back the safety of the neighborhood through Prayer and love. Question is, will God be able to use JOSEPH, a humble gentle spirit to combat the rebellious, wicked spirit of his own brother?

Ryhab, is a young prostitute bound by an unhealthy love for Snake; while JOSEPH strives to bring her to God’s light. These 3 are the main characters this play is set around. JOSEPH is known by Police and everyone in the neighborhood as the “savior / the Preacher-man of the People. Now His Character will be put to the test, when he is faced with having to forgive the unforgivable. His spirit is taunted when he is arrested on the night before Christmas. Yes, this HOLY NIGHT His faith is tried while he sits behind bars for not one, not two but three murders.

Did JOSEPH take vengeance into his own hands? Did he kill his “friend”; Ichabod the Preacher for assaulting his wife? OR Did Joseph truly portray God’s love of forgiveness? Was Joseph, a man of God set up and IF set-up; by whom? If he was set up, how will he be avenged? Who were the other two murdered? Now with JOSEPH, out of the way, what tactics have the enemy planned. What will become of the neighborhood now? What will become of those that have been covered by Joseph’s prayers? Will those he has helped convert or fall back? Three years later a Baby is born “On a Beautiful HOLY NIGHT”. This HOLY NIGHT Brings the Miracles of Christmas and TRUTH To the light.

Please be advised, No part of any book or Play Write may be reproduced,

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written permission of the Author. 

The Soul of the Black Butterfly

Writing has always been my way of expressing what I could not say to another or a way of releasing what caused me mixed emotions...you know, when life have made you a bit angry, hurt, confused...yes, those mixed-up feelings we all have at times due to life; yes, people.  Writing is the best way to release it all, even better than a friend; unlike some friends, you won't hear it again. Yes, during life we all write our own book.

What story is your life Writing? What story are others Reading your from life? We are all writing or

reading a life's  book. This book of Poems is a summation of my life in  Words of Inspiration.

                                    There is a Author inside you writing your Story...How will you publish it?