Connecting God's People To His Out Stretched Hand

God's Connectors Inc.

Connecting God's People To God's Out Stretched Hand 

  A Servant Here to Connect 

The sick - the broken - the hurt

The shut-in - the lost - and the dying   

In Prayer

About Us:

           God's Connectors is a Corporation that has been established since 2004.  GCI was first incorporated in Delaware in 2005, In 2013 GCI re-established its incorporation with a 501-c3 in Maryland.  RJ Brown, founded this Non-profit Organization with an inheritance she received in 2004.  During this time in her life, she seen many others needed the money more than herself. 

Her aim then as now is to assist struggling mothers with a hand up. This burden for those who struggle have only grown deeper with years.  She has taken a stand against the negative force of lack in the life of God's people. with this  mission... "To Connect God's People to his Out Stretched Hand", not only in PRAYER but our goal is to reach out to God's lost and less fortunate SOULS".  We are here reaching out, connecting to our Communities to bring Gifts, Talents, Passion and Dreams alive to the Stage with the Word of God.

       About the Founder:

              This Anointed woman of God is a profound Teacher of the Gospel, a Writer, and Play Director. She has been called by God to stand in the gap for the weak and broken. She, as a Prayer Warrior has watched the Power of Prayer change lives long before she answered God's prophetic call as His Intercessor. With the gift of a Writer, She knows the importance and the POWER of WORDS when released into the atmosphere, therefore; She Stands on Proverbs 18:21 "Death and Life are in the POWER of the tongue, and they that love it will eat it's fruit'. With this She is bound to Thessalonian 5:17;  "We ARE Called to PRAY without ceasing". 

            This Anointed Woman of God understands It is The POWER of Prayer, from the Righteous; which has a mighty purpose that cannot be denied. She have learned through the test, trial and Victories from the mountains, valleys and storms  in her own life, how vital it is to pray. I do believe what Ephesians 6:18 say; "Always, with ALL prayer and supplication IN the Spirit of God, and being watchful with all perseverance and supplication for ALL saints... We aught to stand".  I know I am God's hands, feet, eyes and His Mouth in the earth and therefore I will pray daily the Heart of God for the heart of His people; those in my circle and within the circle of God's Kingdom; that includes You.

            It is we; the Righteous who must pray, "Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done, on earth as it is Heaven". The Founder of GCI Believes without a doubt, that as we; the Righteous Pray the Word of God, Speaking with the POWER and the Authority given from heaven, We WILL bind the hand of darkness and Lose from heaven Power!  This POWER, is the ANOINTING We have been given  to Destroy yokes, Remove burdens, Break chains and to set the Captive free!  By the Power of Prophecy, We must speak WORDS of life and bind spoken words of death over the inheritance of God's precious people. In during so, we All may receive the Promises of God, and the next generation will KNOW their RIGHTFUL Place, in the KINGDOM of GOD.

Founder & CEO: RJB


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