Connecting God's People To His Out Stretched Hand

God's Connectors Inc.

Connecting God's People To God's Out Stretched Hand 

You Can Be A God Connector Too 

            ...Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done unto me.            

 God's Connectors is an Out-Reach Ministry.  We have connected to various Organizations to aide the need of God's people.  You can Be A God Connector too with a donation of  any amount. When reaching across the globe or in your own neighborhood; there can never be too many hands connecting together to Connect to God's Out Stretched Hand. 

Our funds assist with 

feeding hundreds of children 

a year

We are reminded in Ecclesiastes 10:19 ...

"it is MONEY that answers All things  

in the earth". 

Since 2005 God's Connectors has aided in feeding, clothing and providing clean water for thousands of Children in various countries.  Your donations will help us continue to be a helping hand to many organizations such as Feed the Children, Life for Today, Love A Child and many more...

We help provide
in various countries

Please be the BLESSING you were called to be and connect those in need to God's Out Stretched Hand...

Love A Child   

and help us sponsor more children this year than ever before. There is a child waiting on you for a better health care and an education 

Your DONATION(S) will help provided our children a

 Christian education in a loving environment, uniforms, needed

school supplies and a HOT nutritious meal

which may be the ONLY meal  they will have in a day

Too often we wait on God to take care of a need and God is waiting on You  

He has already placed in your hands, the answer to the need of another. 

Your help makes it possible to assist with funds that will provide food and medical supplies, to those across the glob. We do this when we partner with various organizations and television - ministries.  
            Because "charity starts at home" we have aided many families with the basic needs of life from our own neighborhoods. Today, in our broken economy It grieves the heart to know, there are nearly 17 million America families in a daily dilemma.  The brokenness of "unexpected life"  has left so many with so little HOPE for their tomorrow!  This does not include OUR OWN Veterans who have fought for OUR Country, for Your Rights!! Meeting these needs is why we need partners like you

                                                                             WHAT WILL YOU DO TO HELP!??! 
                   No one who has served this Nation as a Veteran should ever be living on the street.

Your donations will help us continue to help many organizations such as... Lifetoday, The Cancer Research of AmericaSt Jude Hospital , The Smile Train,  Toys for Tots,  Various other Children's Foundation and Organizations, The Arthritis Foundation, The Alzheimer's Assoc,Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Paralyzed Veterans of America and more... We help those such as Stella's House, who reach out to rescue children that has no hope from malicious abuse. GCI aim to help STOP Sex Trafficking. How dreadful it is when men sale babies and young girls the precious souls of God for their own demonic sexual pleasure.. They need OUR HELP

Remember, "We"  are the hands and feet of God ; So lend God's Hand....
You may very well be holding the ANSWER to someone's Prayer in your HAND

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When you make your donation with us your little connects to a lot

There can never be too many hands reaching out to help God's people!!!

Or mail your Check / MO to;
God's Connectors Inc. 
PO Box 922
Lusby MD 20657