Connecting God's People To His Out Stretched Hand

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Connecting God's People To God's Out Stretched Hand 

A Word From the Heart


Posted on April 1, 2020 at 3:35 PM


We Are Praying Ambassadors

Standing Between Heaven and Earth

There Is POWER In knowing We are Spirit and not just Dirt

For this reason we have been Girted

The Word of God is fasten, stable In our Hearts

To Pull down Strongholds and block assigned Darts

We are thankful for the Privilege and an Honor

To stand before His Throne

This Sacred place we pull Power and Strength when ours is Gone

We' Pray Un-Bound but free

Free to Fight, By FAITH Binding the hand of our enemy


Yes, we Are Praying Ambassadors,

Standing Between Heaven and Earth


For the Many Who lay Crying, Lost and Hurt

Oh Yes, We Declare we are more than fleshy lambs

We've been given eyes to see and ear to hear into the Spirit realm

We are here Wailing as a Voice in Zion

Unafraid of the toothless Lion

Speaking Bold without Fear Declaring and Decreeing

Heaven's Voice in the Atmosphere

We Are God's Praying Ambassadors

Standing between the Heavens and the Earth

We are here to Bind the evil that comes to hinder our worth

We are Kings kids of Royal Blood, this is the heritage of our livelihood

We come with VICTORY against every Principality;

Those released in our lives to bring causalities,

Such brutalities have been assigned to rule and reign over legalities.

Let it Not be misunderstood, ALL Authority

Is in the Name of the One who died for ALL humanity

It is Jesus and the Power of His Blood that brings Victory


We Are God's Praying Ambassadors

Standing between the heavens and the Earth

For we are the light that Shines in Darkness

Bringing Asunder wickedness, alleviating powers of Dimness

As Children of The Light, we decree and Declare Sight

Lord, Open Eyes of those deceived and gone Blind

We come humbly and wait patiently upon the Threshing Floor

Tenaciously with expectancy, we have access to the treasures of Heaven’s Doors

Despite the gloom that tries to bring defeat, we are Assured

That We stand in Heaven's Might, called at Birth

To Be God’s Praying Ambassadors between Heaven and Earth

Giving God All the Glory till the end of our Story

Amen and AMEN

Rjb 4.1.20



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