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Connecting God's People To God's Out Stretched Hand 

A Word From the Heart


Posted on January 16, 2020 at 2:15 PM

A Morning Confession; I Am Rich, I Am Wealthy, I Am Healthy and I Am Wise. I Am ALL that God Saids I Am. I Am a Mighty force to reckon with. I Am Highly Favored, The Apple in God's eye, So don't you DARE make me cry.. I Am too Blessed to be stressed in the mist of all this world's mess. I Am too Strong to be led wrong and to stay there too long. I Know the POWER that runs in my vains. The Blood of Jesus on the Cross was drained and because of His Love for Me, He died but again He came. Now, No devil in hell will stop me, no wicked one in this earth will block me. I Am PRAISE, that is why I was made and I will strive to perfect that Praise until My last breath fades. I Am Greater than he who tries to bind Me, and in spite of his hand I WILL Succeed in this land. I Am too Positive to quit, I Am too Feisty to give in and I Am too Smart to give up, knowing the fight and the Battle is already won. How can I Iose with Christ the Son; He stands on my side and Within He abides because I Am a Child of The Most High. .Do you share this same confession inside? (c) RJB


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