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Connecting God's People To God's Out Stretched Hand 

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A Prayer Against "Oppression"

Posted on November 20, 2019 at 8:00 AM

"OPPRESSION" Oppression finds its way into our soul at a young age, through many ways. For me, that door was opened through criticism, rejection and sickness. For others I know, poverty, lack and want opened the door. Did you know the welfare system is the number one door that leads God's people into oppression? Yes, a door that was opened during the "Great Depression" as a temporary relief, and temporary hand up, has now bound "GENERSTIONS" to a curse that only the Hand /WORD of God can break. Oppression does just what the word saids… It oppresses, it presses one down, holding you in an "unmovable" position; therefore stopping you from moving forward, stopping you and family members from becoming successful, binding your hands and blocking your path from reaching your divine destiny. Have you ever felt as though it seems you finally get a break and is able to take one step forward just to find you've been knocked 2 if not 3 steps back. Yes, that's that spirit of OPPRESSION that has been assigned over your life, due to what is hidden inside of you.

MY PRAYER TODAY: But today I stand and I decree and declare that the buck stops here today IN JESUS NAME!!! Father I stand before Heaven this day with all those that can see the spirit of Oppression that has come to bind their life from the abundance you have sent your son Jesus Christ to give to us. Those who believe, we stand against it now! My God I decree and declare that we are free from the bondage that holds us back. I Speak freedom over our minds, over our thoughts, over our emotions; we come against emotional sensitivity, jealousy, strife and envy that  hovers over us as a "green-eyed monster" that eats us up from the inside out! Father we touch and agree that oppression has NO MORE HOLD, No More Control over our lives, over the life, over our family, those that trust and believe in you and your way. My God in Jesus Name I decree and declare that no more will we experience hardship in our homes, on our jobs or in our bodies...I decree and declare that wealth and riches are in your house/ my house today, that the promises of God will come forth and over take our lifes, that the Righteous of God is our guard! I decree and declare that poverty and lack, has no place in the light of God and we are the Light of God!!  From this day forward we will deposit and pluck up only seeds of a wealthy harvest, Peace and Joy will replace the spirit of 'depression and oppression' in Jesus Might Name... I Decree and Declare ITIS SO and SO IT IS: Amen and Amen!!! rjb


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