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Posted on March 22, 2020 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (1)
FIRST DECISIONS: Good Morning Precious SOULS of God. Reading Joshua 24:14-15 this Morning, we must realize, this is not a one-time choice but a decision we must make 24/7. Have you noticed, We are constantly faced with choices; decisions to make from the second we open our eyes until we close them at night. My Question to you this morning is this... What was your 1st Decision This Morning? Mmm...What Choice did you make? Did you decide to get up on the WRONG Side of the bed OR did You CHOOSE to get up from the RIGHT Side of the bed? Did you choose to start your day off Fussing, Complaining, Regretting that you had to Get Up OR Did you wake up THANKFUL, Praising God for another day, Another Opportunity to be a BLESSING; hopeful to see the GOOD the day would bring...? People of God, one thing I have learned, "The way you START your day, IS the way your day Will Be"... You can take THAT to the bank! Let your 1st Choice of the day ALWAYS Be to take time to Talk to the Father, give Him a minute to talk back (He Will). From there He will Plan your day with you. I promise you, at the End of the Day, you will feel much PEACE, Accomplishments and not the Chaos of yesterday and nothing FINISHED. People, watch your Choices today so you can Choose the RIGHT path tomorrow and God will Order your STEPS into Your DESTINY for LIFE. #rjbmuchLoveHere4U


Posted on March 15, 2020 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (2)

Good Morning Precious Souls of God: I want to encourage your hearts not just for this day BUT for ALL of 2020. Let's be mindful to keep our Hearts empty of the TOXINS.that weight Us down. There is a Destiny of Treasures, Hopes and Dreams, a year of Prosperity ahead. A heart of Bitterness, Anger, Frustration will cause the journey to become Unreachable; blocked and even STOPED By unforgivness and HATE...In the Words of Our Big Brother MLK:  "I Have Decided to Stick WIth Love. Hate is too Great of a Burden to bear"....rjb



Posted on January 26, 2020 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Good Morning God's Precious Souls. Ps 91:3 Reads "Surely He shall Deliver thee from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome, pestilence". Have you ever felt like a "caged bird"? If so, then you know, Why the Caged Bird Sang. Right? He sang because He was Free! Sometimes the decisions "WE" make in life, can cause us to become like that caged bird. A feeling of being trapped, is a dangerous place to be. This is when the Enemy will come in and play with you; bring havoc to life. Life will constantly SHOOT at you like a Wild bird. Every time you turn around, it's not just one thing gone wrong but everything goes wrong. Life becomes so irritating, disgusting, until you become SICK, Sick of Everyone around you and SICK of LIFE. Where is God?! You ask?? Yes, I have been there. The "Battle truly,Truly does starts in the Mind". BUT GOD Is near!! He is right behind your disobedience. Right where you left Him when you decided to do Your own thing, go your own way. Sometimes we just have to look at the wrong choices we have made. It was your flesh (YOU) that has caused you to become trapped. REPENT!! Turn from that "thing" (bad Choices) ask for FORGIVENESS and SET yourself FREE. THEN, God himself will come in and DELIVER You from that SNARE. He will Set you free from the enemy within your OWN MIND. He will give you back your PEACE of Mind. He IS mightier than the pestilence that seeks to destroy you. But you must LET It GO. Jesus came to give us Life, and Life more Abundantly, not to be bound, unhappy, depressed, Broke nor disgusted...But FREE Starting IN THE MIND. Then you too can Sing Again. rjb...Much LV here 4U


Posted on December 27, 2014 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)


I must admit; as a God fearing, God believing “Christian”, I had never truly learned or understood “Kwanzaa”. Ignorance is NOT bliss, it is crazy. It is indeed crazy to take part in something without knowing what it is You are participating in or supporting in anyway. After reading on Kwanzaa, it appears to me, that Dr. Karenga, has taken HIS own issue with being an African-American and his issues with “the Church” and thus made it a “culture issue. Out of his own ignorance and lack of “Relationship with the Divine Creator, he has established a “Self-made” Holiday we call “Kwanzaa” now since 1966. When reading and studying from his own books, it is clear to me that Dr. Maulana Karenga does not understand nor approve on “Black-Christians” having a “RELATIONSHIP” with a Jewish Jesus (Which in truth, his skin was probarly as dark as himself) . It is from this blindness that Dr. Karenga, have made up this “man-made religion” to satisfy his own lost identity. RJB                  

Belief in God Condemned

Dr. Karenga's hatred of God-fearing religions prompted him to create his own system of principles that apparently he hoped would steer men away from what he felt was a weakness -- a belief in God. An example of his opinion of religion is the following quote from his book, Kawaida Theory (1980): "Belief in spooks who threaten us if we don't worship them and demand we turn over our destiny and daily lives must be categorized as spookism and condemned." pg 2

The Nguzo Saba - A Black Way of Life

The Nguzo Saba are seven principles clearly set apart for the Black American and not for others. It is also an attempt by Dr. Karenga to introduce humanistic principles for improving life without God. Kwanzaa is not just a cultural celebration, but an attempt to establish a way of life with man as the center of worship and reverence. The Nguzo Saba as a way of life are being recognized by many Blacks as such. An example is a quote from the Kwanzaa Information Center website that says the following: Unfortunately, Clinton and many others were completely unaware that the principles of Kwanzaa are not aimed for all Americans but ONLY for African Americans as we can see in Dr. Karenga's full description of the Nguzo Saba. He says in the principles repeatedly, to do for "our own" and as an "African people." Not exactly terms that can be used for universality


The last thing we need as a Nation is to be more separated. When we separate ourselves from one another we become weaken and vurnable - susceptible to the enemy’s plan to attack and destroy us as a people and eventually a Nation  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a beautiful thing to embrace one’s culture but never to separate ourselves from another. It is yet true, “United we STAND and Divided we Will FALL.” The problem we have now from the White House to our own individual homes, is that WE as a Black-People have been SEPARATED / Segregated, kept out, isolated, pushed aside, made to feel WE as a people don’t belong among another group…BUT I beg the difference – It is those such as Dr. Karenga's and Messenger Muhammad who keeps us as a People in this modern day of SEGRAGATION.

Study to show yourself knowledgeable of Kwanzaa and see if you don’t agree; Kwanzaa is not the Holiday nor Religion that indeed brings UNITY. It is the LOVE God brings through the Miracle of Christmas, which did not being nor end on December 25th. Christmas is the Story of LOVE, God’s Love for humanity; That will never change and cannot be altered to satisfy another, rather one believe on not it is yet a fact. TRUTH that is being proven more and more as those like Karenga try to disprove the truth. AND Jesus is Not just for the Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Whites, Chinese…. But for All HUMANITY… We have to STOP separating ourselves as a people and STOP allowing ourselves to be Segregated as a Nation, we will never rebuild our fallen state if WE don’t STAND Together. There will be more New York episodes if we don’t stand together as a NATION.

The reality is,  due to this moderan day segration, it may very well be your own son, daughter or even you next. JESUS IS NOT A White God, or a White Religion; He is The Baby born in a manger who died on the cross and shad Red blood for you and me so we can Know The God called JEHOVAH Creator of this UNIVERSE, Creator of you and me so we can be Unified and free. Let's STOP putting our own back in bondage...RJB 

 (wake up and see the hand of China that is upon us).


Posted on December 4, 2014 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

And shall not God avenge His own elect, which cry day and night unto Him, though He bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man comes, shall he find faith on the earth?...Luke 18:7-8

Yes; I, like you and half the nation am appalled that Officer Daniel Pantaleo was cleared by a grand jury on yesterday, December 3rd, 2014. This is yet another day that goes down in our history as ANOTHER injustice of “Police Brutally”. Officer Pantaleo put Mr. Eric Garner; a 43-year-old black man (who was a father of six), in a chokehold on July 17th of this year. As I watched and listened to statements of Pantaleo, it appeared to me, he even shows very little remorse. Far as I am concern, stating that, "I feel bad about his death" is NOT ENOUGH. It was this senseless, brutal, totally inhuman violent occurrence that killed Mr. Eric Garner just hours after the unjustified incident. How COULD a jury allow one man NOT pay for the LIFE he took of another??!!?

Ok, yes; I too get it!!! We as a People have had enough of our children, sons, brothers’ fathers, uncles, neighbors and friends being taken from us by the hand of a BADGE BUT…Vengeance Is Mine Says the Lord 

Yes, I hear you, “So when is He, God going to avenge us"?

I declare …it is the day of the Lord’s Vengeance and the year of recompenses, for the cause of the nation (Zion). IF: If and WHEN: the people of God begin to humble themselves and PRAY, Turn from their own wicked wayxxx. .. PEOPLE Anger breeds anger! Violence only brings more violence…. VENGEACNE IS MINE SAYS THE LORD… Let‘s let God be the avenger. He can do a better job, I promise you.


I PRAY Today that the Lord will open the eyes of His people to see what was needed on yesterday as protest marches, Voices shouting for rights that OPEND CLOSED DOORS only closes those same doors today. What paved the way for our forefathers on yesterday, only lays stumbling block before us and Our CHILDREN today. It is a new day and thingsw MUST be done in a differnt way. I Pray our eyes are open to see the hand of the enemy is Only ONE COLOR and that color is EVIL: Injustice, BRUTILITY, inhumanity of ALL kind. Let’s PRAY for those in authority, pray the PEACE of God over our nation…IN JESUS NAME for He is the ONLY one who can save this nation. And let’s watch JUSTICE Prevail.

Rejoice, O ye nations, with His people: for He will avenge the blood of his Servants, and will render vengeance to His adversaries, and will be merciful unto His land, and to His people. Deuteronomy 32:43